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“Springfield strives to meet the needs of women today who live with the terrible impact of domestic abuse. Through our refuge and growing community work lives are being changed. With your support, building on over 100 years of supporting women, we won’t rest until all domestic abuse is history.”

Anne Russell, Chair of the Trustees



“Some of the women that come here come from really terrible situations and abusive partners. I think with the hills at the back, it’s in a lovely peaceful location, with a beautiful garden to relax in. It’s the ideal place to recover and heal from an abusive relationship.”


“There’s always staff around to talk to. There’s lots of CCTV and alarms, too, so I always feel safe.”


“The staff here are really, really nice people. They give you all the help you need and support you.”

In Your Relationship Are You:

Being constantly put down?
Called names?
Humiliated in front of your children?
Told what to wear or who you can see?
Questioned and criticised?
Bullied, shoved, slapped or beaten?
Not allowed to spend your own money?
Worried about what your children are having to see and hear?
Made to have sex that you do not want?

…and are questioning whether any of this is wrong or right – or even questioning your own sanity…

then please CALL NOW on 01539-726171 or email and find out how we can help.

A member of staff will listen to you (or call you back on a safe number/at a safe time) and talk things over with you. Nobody will tell you what to do or criticise your choices about your relationship.

If you need information on how to make a safety plan in order to exit your home, or information on how to hide this website and its history from your computer please click the link below.

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